Monday, May 12, 2008

Time to get serious about clean energy investment opportunities

Clean Energy provides broad opportunities for investors, especially internationally. In biofuels, sustainable buildings, forests, alternative energy generation, manufacturing of clean energy equipment and biochemical technologies, there are many companies developing operations now. There are also newer projects, waiting for founding co-investors. Investors that have a personal interest in, or knowledge of, clean energy as well as the use of preferred shares are especially important. Similar to investment bankers, as private investors we evaluate the financial and market plan, as well as existence of client purchasing agreements and supplier agreements, finally the management team and advisors.

As per demographics, most viewers of this website will not have a million dollar investment portfolio. But a few dozen people that have the value of a car to invest, equals the founding co-investors of a small, maybe medium sized clean energy business. Get others on board that have a general interest this week, socialize the general idea with them, do not bother with those that do not have enough interest or do not understand, we do not have time to waste. High net worth individuals will also probably participate but this club moves forward first with the qualified investor masses. Like infrastructure investments, these are income generating investments and as well as growth opportunities in many cases. Some are also candidates for greenhouse gas reduction subsidies and government funding. Simply being involved opens the door to following investment opportunities.

If you have the means to invest and a general interest, feel free to communicate your interests on this blog, we will start to discuss investment options. You know your return on investment expectations and as a group we will encourage best practices in investment allocation, small percentage of a portfolio in riskier investments. As we converge on a few dozen interested investors and have sufficient trust created, we will start discussing share structures and maybe consider inviting private investment brokers to further communicate the opportunities. A Skype account is very convenient if you do not already have one. Feel free also to post any questions and send links to this blog to possible interested persons.